Editor's Note

Stephanie Stroud 

It is so wonderful to see so much going on across the State! We are excited to include Laura Thompson's announcement about activity in Eastern Washington, and we have upcoming events that will be happening all around our corner of the country! Be sure to keep an eye out for future announcements.

We also have the list of UW National Award winners, with additional comments from jury members. As I was reading the comments, I found that what is interesting to me is how ideas in the profession shift with each new crop of graduates. Have you noticed particular trends in projects, or design themes throughout the years? What was popular when you graduated? I have certainly been hearing a new focus on design/build, and I wonder if it is somehow connected to the nation's growing crafts movement that you see with micro-brewed beer and handcrafted goods. How do you think outside popular trends impact landscape architects? It may be an interesting conversation for a Brown Bag lunch.

Thank you, and have a great weekend!

Stephanie Stroud


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