Editor's Note

Stephanie Stroud 

As the fireweed flowers get to the tips of their stems, fall approaches and school will soon be in session. If you can spare several hours in your workday, I urge you to become a student mentor. Not only will you help a student gain professional experience and have a glimpse into the life of an LA in the working world, that student can provide you with a fresh perspective and act as a reminder as to why you do the work you do. Who knows—maybe you’ll discover a landscape architecture prodigy!

Speaking of fresh perspectives, don’t forget to join WASLA for (PARK)ing Day on September 18th, whether as a visitor or a parklet designer. We also have some announcements for new scholarships and classes, kudos for an all-star volunteer, and an interview with a landscape architect gone sculpture artist. Have something interesting to share? Don’t hesitate to hit me up at [email protected] for all of your announcement and editorial needs. 



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