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Cedar Grove 5th Annual 2019 LACES Specifying Soils Event
Thursday, March 28, 2019
Category: Affiliate Events

The lineup will included 3 LACES approved classes revolving around stormwater and it’s impacts on the environment.  We are welcoming back Howard Stenn who will be diving into the importance of specifications and how they can impact not only the success of a single project, but how every project can play a crucial role in the bigger environmental picture.

Additionally, we are pleased to announce that Rachael Meyer with Weber Thompson and Ellen Southard from Salmon Safe will be speaking about how a unique private/public partnership is diverting vehicle impacted stormwater from the Aurora Bridge and filtering it through a beautifully designed stormwater system.  This system not only provides for beneficial infrastructure to improve regional water quality, but is a striking addition to the urban landscape.

Natural Systems Design will be joining us to give a lunchtime Keynote presentation on NSD projects and the positive impacts they have on the environment and water quality.  You may recognize some of these projects like the Thornton Confluence or Knickerbocker Floodplain Restorations projects in Seattle, or the Lower Elwha River in Port Angeles.

This year we are also welcoming Architerra Designs in to showcase beautiful and functional, on grade stormwater planter systems to be used on commercial and residential projects.

Although we’re highlighting some large projects in the area, we all need to remember that nature has no property lines.  Every project design has environmental impacts broader than the specific site and when working together for a common goal, we can truly move the needle when it comes to restoring regional water quality.