Letter From the Committee Chair: 2015 Annual WASLA Conference

As the new year begins landscape architects are faced with environmental challenges unprecedented in scale and scope. Staying ahead and adapting in these changing times is vital. WASLA’s 2015 conference being held in Wenatchee, WA has proposals coming in and we are working hard to create educational sessions which are informative and parallel our professions current design challenges and have the ability to strengthen our design discourse. As awareness of the environment continues to grow alongside the complexity of current issues, the field in which the landscape architect works has become larger and more complex.

This year’s conference theme “Meet in the Middle” is hoping to encompass some of these current topics including; implications of climate change and its repercussions, rapid urbanization, changing land use, park design, large scale urban infrastructure, and large scale environmental and spatial issues. Landscape architects regularly jump between scales as well as disciplines, giving us a wide view to tackle these large-scale environmental challenges. More than 50 years ago, the WASLA community was born and has done an exceptional job working together to create an organization that continues to grow and change in order to keep our states professionals current and knowledgeable.  

Please help us continue this tradition and grow as a profession. Come to “Meet us in the Middle” in Wenatchee, WA Friday May 29th for this years annual conference.


Jillian Reiner, ASLA

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