WASLA Develops a 3-5 Year Strategic Plan

In October of last year, The WASLA Executive Committee met with ASLA’s Barbara Drobins-Fles, Director of Member and Chapter Services at the ASLA to craft a three-to-five year strategic plan for our chapter.  This plan will help WASLA focus our efforts, to ensure we are meeting the needs of both our members and ASLA.  During the two-day session, The Executive Committee crafted strategic objectives and goals for following four categories:

  1. Advocacy and Awareness,
  2. Member Services and Support,
  3. Supporting the Future of the Profession, and
  4. Governance and Management. 

We then determined which of our standing committee each of these goals would fall under.  We encourage you to read this brief one page outline.  If any of these goals interest you, please let the office know, and we will get you in touch with the appropriate committee.  Thank you!  

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