WASLA Jury Selects UW Award Winners

Congratulations to student award winners at the University of Washington!

Three juries, comprised of WASLA members, reviewed three sets of projects at the University of Washington. The first was on May 13, 2015.  The jury’s comments were written and sent to all of the award recipients:

MLA Thesis

Jordan Lewis -- Honor
Revealing Wastewater Ecologies

Cayce James -- Merit
Rainier Beach Urban Farm and Wetlands: Strengthening Diversity for Community Resilience

Mike Schwindeller -- Honorable Mention
Negotiating Ballard's Missing Link of the Burke-Gilman Trail: How Bicycle Infrastructure Can Integrate A Sustainable Design Solution

MLA Research
Britton Shepherd -- Honor
Meandering Through the Field: James Rose's Landscape Models

Rich Freitas -- Merit
Landscapes of Memory

Andrew Prindle -- Merit
Shifting Territories of the Duwamish River

MLA Team/Capstone Project
An, Xinzhuo, Liyang Chen, Shih-Chia Chiu, Rao Fu, Tianshi Guo, Youngsuk Jun, Mahshid Ghabribimarzancola, Yuhan Yang, Xiaoyang Zhu, Shaoxuan Zhou -- Honorable Mention
Living Infrastructure for the Capitol Hill Ecodistrict

BLA Team Project
Sara Hokanson and Jonathan Konkol -- Merit
Urban Play Handbook


Eunjee Angie Oh – “Re-visioning the Salmon Homing Pond” – HONOR

LARCH 302: Belltown / Urban Sites Studio

Eunjee Angie Oh – “Weaving Plaza” – HONOR

Louie Cocci – “Design for Urban Complexity” – MERIT

A Rum Cho – “Belltown Wetland Terrace” – HONORABLE MENTION

Colleen Brennan – “Edge Exploration” – HONOR

Lyna Nget – “Turtle Cove” – MERIT

Gina (Esther) Kim – “The Call of the Wild” – MERIT

Arisa Nakamura – “Squirrels and Oaks” – MERIT

Shen Yee Tiffany Wong – “Bark Park” – HONOR

Lyna Nget – “Show and Tell / McNeil Outlook Park” – HONORABLE MENTION

Witit Apornvirat, Gabriel Cash, Wesley Chiu, Kathryn Christensen, Cory Castagno, Nai-Hsuan Luna Cheng, James Day, Laura Enman, Sarah Giannobile, Wenying Gu, Michael Hailu, Sara Hakanson, Kyle Kurokawa, Yuan Lin, Zhehang Lin, Mickala Loeffelbein, Ali Masterson, Matthew Connor McGarry, Arisa Nakamura, Autumn Nettey, Aimee Rozier, Katherine Scherrer, Shelby Upton, Rhys VanBemmel - 11th Avenue NW Street End Park - MERIT

Jiaxi Guo and Jason Glover – “Connecting at the Vine” – HONOR

Kenna Patrick and Will Schrader – “Landscape of Fabrication” – HONOR

Ivan Heitman, Doris McMahon, Jiaxi Guo and Zhehao Huang – “Weaving Blocks” – MERIT

Britton Shepard – “Olympia’s Living Shorelines” – HONOR

Jorge Alarcon, Grayson Morris and Josh Saitelbach – “Olympia: Hydrophilic City” - MERIT

Hiroki Baba – “Fresh Hill Behind: Designing Activities through Learning Food” – MERIT

Shih Chia Chiu and Liyang Chen – “Vibrant Street” – HONOR

Mahshid Gharibimarzancola and Xiaoyang Zhu – “Pixel Garden” – HONOR

A second jury of WASLA members reviewed four students (2 BLA and 2 MLA) selected by the Department of Landscape Architecture at UW using ASLA’s selection criteria. Congratulations to these exemplary students!

2015 National ASLA Student Awards

MLA Candidates

Xiaoyang Zhu - HONOR

Shih-Chia Chiu - MERIT

BLA Candidates:

Laura Enman – MERIT

Gabriel Cash – MERIT


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