President's Remarks

Laura Thompson

Hello WASLA Membership! I figured that for my first entry as Chapter President I would let you all know a little bit about myself. I was born and raised in Spokane, which is where I live and work today. I work for a landscape architectural firm called SPVV Landscape Architects, co-owned by principals Tom Sherry and Ken VanVoorhis (I have to give them a major shout out since they have been super supportive of my involvement in WASLA). Before work-life, I was a Coug at Washington State University. I still fondly remember those late nights in studio, and those early morning study sessions, cramming in those last few botanical names into my brain before the big horticulture exam. I think many of you can relate. Taking things back even further, I started my collegiate journey as a fine arts major - really not knowing what I wanted to do for a “forever” career. Luckily for me, I was introduced to the beautiful world of landscape architecture by a mutual friend my freshmen year and promptly changed my major. Like many landscape architects, I didn’t even know this profession existed until I was already in college. How many of you can relate to that as well? More on this later…

Although I am a Spokanite to my core, my husband Nate and I LOVE to travel and see the world. So far our travels have taken us to the Netherlands, Italy, England, Scotland, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Antigua, and Honduras. Usually before we leave one destination, we are already planning our next getaway. Tom and Ken can attest to that. What can I say? We both got the travel itch. When we are at home we are usually playing feverishly with our neurotic Boston terrier, Cheddar, or snuggling up with our sweet Pomeranian, Hamlin. No kids yet; our two fluffer-butters (dogs) keep us plenty busy. Outside of WASLA, I am also involved with the Rotaract Club of Spokane. Think Rotary, but for young professionals. I’ve also been playing recreational indoor volleyball off and on since I graduated from WSU. Another passion of mine is fitness. Many people would assume that because I am a landscape architect, my form of fitness would be hiking, mountain climbing, or distance running (you know, outdoorsy stuff), but in all actuality my form of fitness is a far cry from that. I compete in NPC Bodybuilding Competitions. So - I love to eat, but I am all too familiar with the term, “hangry” as well.

Now that you know a little bit about me, I want to know a little bit more about the membership. I want to know if there is something that WASLA can provide for you. One of my favorite things about being involved in WASLA is serving all of you. Some of my goals during presidency is to increase the exposure of the profession to young students so that potential future landscape architects hear about this career before they get to college; I want to increase the involvement of members within the organization so that we have the strongest and most collaborative chapter to date; I want to educate the leaders of our local government about the importance of our profession; and I want to continue to provide the services we’ve been providing and then some. I truly want to make my two year term a success, and I would measure that success by hearing from you and making new events or programs happen. So if you’ve made it this far into my first piece (it’s kind of a doozy), please feel free to contact me. I am all ears. I have a stellar Executive Committee and a very strong team of involved individuals chairing our committees and we are all here to work for you. Thank you for reading, and I hope to hear from you soon!


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