Editor's Note

Stephanie Stroud 

Ok--you’re back from vacation, the weather is cooler, and now it’s time to crack down on all that work that has been sitting in the warm sunlight for the past three months, right? Right! But don’t get too comfy in your regular routine yet, because there are a bundle of events coming up that are sure to get you all excited and so ecstatic to be a landscape architect that you’ll barely keep your on-point stylist pen out of your fingers!

One major affair is (PARK)ing Day on September 18th, and if you’ve never been, you should definitely take a stroll around your city and scope out all of the amazing design work done by your colleagues in a 7’ x 19’ rectangle of asphalt. No PARK(ing) Day in your city? Be the first and join the revolution!

The autumnal equinox is on September 23rd this year. Fall isthe perfect time to plant that garden you’ve been endlessly dreaming about all summer long.

Also mark your calendars for National Public Lands Day on September 26th. It’s the largest volunteer day on public lands nationwide, and a great excuse to give back to your favorite public park! Oh, and if you volunteer, take a picture and send it to me: [email protected]. We love photos of landscape architects in the wild.

For more events, check out the announcements below. Thank you, and Go Landscape Architecture! 


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