ACE Mentor Sign-Ups

All, it’s that time of the year again when we start to assemble our ACE Mentoring teams for the upcoming year. The Seattle Affiliate continues to grow, make changes and continually improve. Last year was a huge success, the student presentations were once again very impressive and you could tell that they learned a lot from their mentors. A big thanks to all of you who volunteered last year to mentor, you are what makes the program so successfully and impacts the lives of the students so much.

At this point I’m asking for volunteers to sign up for this year’s program, and once again there is a high demand for good mentors. Registration will once again be on-line on the ACE Mentor website, I have included the link below to get you to the registration page and information to get registered.   In mid-September I will start to assemble teams and the teams finalized by the end of September. I’ve attached a copy of this year’s calendar showing the meeting weeks, Kick-off Night, Presentation Night and other scheduled events.

Once again, because of the large demand by students for teams on the East side, I am asking anyone who works in a Seattle firm but lives on the East side that they let me know as I’d like to assign them to mentor in a group that meets in Bellevue or Redmond. Last year we had 2 teams on the East side and would like to expand to 3 teams once again. The only way we can do this is if we get enough volunteers to support 3 teams so I’d ask that those willing to meet in Bellevue to please let me know.

For the program to really be successful it takes a champion for ACE within each participating firm, someone who can organize people within your firm to volunteer. If you are that person in your firm and have a strong ACE participation keep up the good work. If your firm doesn’t have that champion I ask that you step up to the plate and be that champion within your firm to promote the program. If you need help in doing so please let me know, I’d be happy to come down and talk to employees at your firm to help boost interest.

Again, I hope you all can participate again this year. The students really benefit from the experiences we’re able to give them in the ACE program and it’s important to continue to give them this opportunity. I look forward to another fun year with all of you.

Registration Info (use the web link below)

Returning Mentors

  1. Log in using the link under “Returning Mentor & Volunteer Registration”
  2. Under the Login Information tab click on “START your Current 2015 - 2016 School Year Mentor Registration Documentation"
  3. Fill in the registration information. It’s important to check if you want to be a mentor leader and under Professional Training indicate your discipline.

New Mentors

  1. Click on the “New Mentor & Volunteer Registration” link
  2. Fill in the registration information and submit
  3. Follow the same steps above to register for this year’s program.

Again, we thank all of you for your commitment to the program, our mentors and particularly the team leaders are truly what makes the ACE Mentoring program a success.


Pete Maslenikov
Senior Project Manager, University of Washington - ARCF


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