Editor's Note

Stephanie Stroud 

September is the month of transition. Summer is coming to an end. Days are shortening, and nights are cooler. Students return to school. We begin to plan our fall projects. During this month of change, we celebrate creativity and a cross-pollination of landscape architecture, art and civic pride with a holiday called Park(ing) Day. As this transition is happening, we take the necessary time to honor public space and how folks of different backgrounds and professions can come together to create something interesting, engaging, and unique. It is activities such as Park(ing) Day that challenge us to think quickly, creatively, and together as a group. These are skills that, as landscape architects, deserve refreshing and strengthening to keep us fresh and relevant.

This year, Park(ing) Day is Friday, September 16th (and September 17th, in Seattle). You can find parklets in a city or town near you. If you're not already participating, I urge you to take an hour or two and explore what your colleagues have been cooking up. It is sure to inspire! Please do share your Park(ing) Day stories with your colleagues. We'd love to include them in the newsletter! Email to [email protected].

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