Huntington Park

Project Title: Huntington Park
Landscape Architect: Land Expressions LLC
Category: Category II - Open Space Design
Location: Spokane, WA
Description: In the late 1800's, the Spokane River powered booming growth in Spokane. In recent decades, industrial sites were removed from its banks. The city celebrates the beauty and power of the river. The latest link to the river is Huntington Park and the adjacent plaza, which replaced a parking lot. Traffic calming on Post Street completed the connection of historic Riverfront Park to the river's bank. Huntington Park is atop a working hydroelectric facility. In recognition of the importance of hydroelectricity to Spokane, installation of informational signage, sculptural elements representing hydroelectric technology and re-purposing of artifacts from local dam renovation is a fun way to educate the community. Spokane gained an urban plaza and park space; a place to play and learn about the history of this river, geology and habitat, indigenous people and early industry and the future hydroelectricity in our region. It is an important programmable space bringing hundreds to events, concerts, summer workout classes, art projects and the Spokane River; the heart of our city and our history. 

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