Fellows Council

Committee Description

The Fellows Council is made up of volunteers who assist with the ASLA Fellowship nomination process.

Tasks and Goals

  • Reviewing nominations from the Washington Chapter for ASLA Fellowship
  • Assisting with ASLA Fellowship applications
  • Reviewing applications for student scholarships

WASLA Members Named to the ASLA Council of Fellows: 
Beck, Colie Hough 2020
Maryman, Brice 2019
Brands, Mark 2019
Fischer, Sandra 2018
Kinkead, Kas 2018
Way, Thaisa 2018
Durrant, Steven 2015
Gustafson, Kathryn 2015
Guthrie, Jennifer 2014
Hummel, Peter 2014
Nichol, Shannon 2014
Reckord, Terrance 2014
Rottle, Nancy 2014
Staeheli, Margaret 2014
Guenther, Debra 2013
Swift, Barbara 2013
Roberts, John Mack 2011
Shrosbree, Robert N. 2011
Winterbottom, Daniel 2011
Gaynor, Peggy 2011
Hamm, Michael S. 2010
Zickler, Len 2007
Anderson, Charles M. 2006
Berger, Thomas 2006
Whipple, Carol 2002
Hanson, Becca 2000
Nakano, Kenichi 1997
Dees, Bruce 1995
McNeal, David A. 1995
Jones, Ilze 1994
Jongejan, Dirk 1989
Haag, Richard Lewis 1983
Jones, Grant Richard 1980
Lester, Robert 1978
Johnson, William J. 1973

Gerrard, Terry

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How You Can Get Involved

If you want to contribute your time and talent, please join us. New ideas and new faces are always welcome.

Committee Members

Chair - Steve Durrant
Barbara Swift
Peg Staehli

Board of Directors Liaison: Trustee Marieke Lacasse

For more information please contact WASLA at Phone: 360-867-8820;  Email: [email protected]