Mercer Corridor Improvements Project: East Phase

Project Title: Mercer Corridor Improvements Project: East Phase
Landscape Architect: HBB Landscape Architecture
Category: Category I - General Design
Location: Seattle, WA
Description: As one of the main entries into the heart of Seattle, the Mercer Corridor functions as a vital east-west link between the Seattle Center/Space Needle, several Seattle neighborhoods encompassing theater/art districts, technology and biotechnology hubs, and two regional transportation corridors, Interstate-5 and State Route 99. This project highlights the ability of transportation corridors to connect public open spaces and neighborhoods using sustainable landscape techniques that address stormwater management, flood/drought resiliency, and multiple modes of transportation. The design of the physical space of the right-of-way connects the rapidly developing South Lake Union neighborhood to the south with green space, recreational, and cultural areas to the north. Known to Seattleites for years as "The Mercer Mess," the project is part of a larger, city-wide reconfiguration to ease vehicular congestion while also integrating complete street design principles.

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