Prairie Line Trail 

Project Title: Prairie Line Trail 
Landscape Architect: PLACE
Category: Category I - General Design
Location: Tacoma, WA
Description: The Prairie Line Trail (PLT) adds an iconic layer to the rich history of Tacoma - transforming an industrial corridor into a dynamic linear park that celebrates multi-modal connections, social activities, and green infrastructure. Traces of the former railway are abundant over the 80-foot diagonal corridor marking Tacoma as the terminus of the first railway to connect the Great Lakes to the Puget Sound. The contemporary home to the University of Washington, the PLT embraces its history, reorients the campus, transforms the downtown, and provides beloved public open space. The first built segment of a greater public realm framework, The Prairie Line Trail has created a true civic heart for Tacoma's downtown that continues to develop with the support of a loyal community. 

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