Sound Transit Lynnwood Link Light Rail Extension Preliminary Engineering

Project Title: Sound Transit Lynnwood Link Light Rail Extension Preliminary Engineering
Landscape Architect: Swift Company
Category: Category V - Analysis and Planning
Location: Seattle, WA
Description: The 8.5 mile Lynnwood Link Light Rail Extension is first and foremost a transportation infrastructure project and these projects are an essential tool in understanding and valuing a region. The landscape architect took a strategic approach to the Preliminary Engineering Phase to create a process that embedded the regional landscape character and function into the heart of the project. A strategic planning approach informed and influenced the project as defined by the landscape context. Using the regular, structured project delivery format, the landscape architect¿s approach inserted a sequence of scoping and design efforts to proactively identify issues related to the ecological, visual and physical impacts of construction along with jurisdictional restoration requirements triggered by the project. The objective was to bring these issues, coupled with cost analysis, into an early, clear, and quantifiable framework that resulted in managed risk, early coordination and ultimately a conceptual design for the rail alignment and stations that creates a strategy for a daily experience fundamentally embedded in the Puget Sound Lowland Forest ecosystem.

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