2018 WASLA Student DESIGN Awards – May 12, 2018

LA 322 - Intro to Planting Design Daniella Slowik, Sierra Bonilla, Fernando Sanchez - Infinity Garden - MERIT

LA 302 - Urban Sites Studio Zhangchi Wu – Carless in Seattle: Pike/Pine 2030 | MeltInNature - MERIT Seowoo (Christina) Kim – FUNnel - MERIT Rhiannon Neuville - Yes In Our Backyard - HONOR

LA 303 - Ecological Systems Studio Lauren Wong - Bartonwood: Confronting Contamination - HONOR Rich Desanto – Hydrocarbons at the Headwaters – HONOR

LA 600 - Independent Studio Allison Ong, Sylvia Janicki, Jack Alderman - Auburn Alleyway - HONOR MISC - ULI Hines Competition Sujing Sun, Aaron Loomans, Kate Pedersen, Rosey Atkinson, Shohei Uwatoko - Alluvium: Melding Land, Water and People - HONOR

LA 501 - Scan|Design Master Studio Hanna Tania, Yutong Hu, Yunxin Du – Small-scale Interventions for Belltown - MERIT Margot Chalmers, Aaron Parker, Roxanne Glick, Nina Mross – Beach to Bluff: Belltown's Waterfront - HONOR

LA 502 - Design Activism Studio Yutong Hu, Nina Mross – Rainier Grove - MERIT

LA 503 - Community Urban Agriculture Studio Sujing Sun – Aqua-cultivation: Three productive and educational trails - HONOR Margot Chalmers – Urban Agri-Suture: Revitalizing a Concrete Desert - MERIT

LA 507 - Art & Landscape Studio Sierra Druley – Memory Wave - HONOR Jack Alderman – Redeemed Waterfront- MERIT Kevin Van Meter - How I Wonder: A Memorial to the Night Sky - HONOR

LA 495 - LA Studies Abroad Yuchia Jan – Light Up the History - MERIT

BE 505 - Mt. Baker Studio Jessica Vetrano - Approachable Mt. Baker: Building Identity, Connectivity, and Livability - MERIT

BE 505 - McKinley Futures Studio Nicky Bloom, Ariadne Brancato, Sierra Druley - Seeding Civic Fiber - MERIT Wenwen Cao, Lyu Kun, Debbie Huang, Hanna Tania - Seamless City - MERIT

LA 700 - Thesis Studio Derek Holmer - Transfixed: Leveraging Local Ecology to Create an Integrated Minneapolis Transportation Corridor - MERIT Nicky Bloom, Trevor Bentley - Tideflat Tales: Site Immersion as Generative Design Process - HONOR Sylvia Janicki - Displaced by Illness: Lyme diseases as a case for recognizing invisible chronic illness in the built environment - HONOR Aaron Parker, Jian Shan, Sujing Sun - Collaborative Visioning for a Climate Resilient Cultural Hub: a Holistic Approach to Climate Justice in South Seattle - MERIT Gina Christofanelli, Margot Chalmers - Reverberating Systems: Shifting the Framework of an Alpine Mosaic - HONOR

MISC - Student Organization Work Jean Ni, Sierra Druley, Monica Taylor - Can We Be Here? - MERIT

2018 WASLA Student WRITTEN Awards – May 11, 2018

Nicky Bloom, Julia Brasch, Margot Chalmers, Kyle Cotchett, Yunxin Du, Roxanne Glick, Yang He, Yutong Hu, Nina Mross, Dorothy Mulkern, Allison Ong, Jiyoung Park, Aaron Parker, Farzana Rahman, Diana Settlemyer, Hanna Tania, Jess Vetrano, Rachel Wells, Lauren Wong, Tatyana Vashchenko (TA) - City / Nature for Urban Resilience,GREENER BELLTOWN: BLUER SOUND - MERIT

Nina Mross - Lightness: System, Perception and Material - HONOR

Kasia Keeley, Andrew Prindle - Stop Making Sense: Spatializing the Hanford Site’s Nuclear Legacy - HONOR

William Estes - Resurfacing the Topographic Imagination: Landform, Representation, and Process - HONOR