15th Avenue E Workshop

Project Title: 15th Avenue E Workshop
Landscape Architect: Board & Vellum LLC
Category: Research, Analysis and Planning
Location: Seattle, WA
Capitol Hill’s 15th Avenue East has been home to a neighborhood scale commercial district for nearly a century. The district’s current mix of shops mirrors early small businesses such as grocers and book stores, maintaining the local character of the corridor. Recently proposed (re)development has challenged the community’s long established identity and residents lacked a means to contribute to the plans shaping the future of their neighborhood. Spurred by the need for a unified voice, our team engaged the neighborhood in a conversation about their hopes and dreams for 15th Ave E that became a community event attended by approximately 85 people. We asked, “What are your best ideas for the future of 15th Avenue East?” and together with attendees, we identified challenges, opportunities and goals to establish a community vision. The workshop findings were documented in three reports with the goal of facilitating feedback between community members, developers, and the City. Today, our pro-bono effort has unified the voices of 15th Ave E and provided tools the community continues to build upon. 

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