Project Title: HomeLandLab
Landscape Architect: Brice Maryman, ASLA
Category: General Design - Private Ownership
Location: Seattle, WA
HomeLandLab is a landscape architect-hosted podcast exploring the intersection of homelessness and public space. Across the podcast’s 30-plus episodes, listeners learn from designers, people who have experienced homelessness, policy makers, social service providers, funders, advocates and others to get a nuanced, solutions-oriented view of homelessness in contemporary America. Drawing lessons from these conversations, as well exhaustive reviews of existing literature on homelessness, HomeLandLab explodes myths, shares first-person narratives, and proposes a series of optimistic strategies for public spaces:

  1. promoting connection (bridging across economic and organizational divides),
  2. creating invitation (ensuring people feel safe, comfortable and respected in public spaces), and
  3. delivering prevention (getting people out of dangerous living condition on public lands by providing low-barrier housing)

As unsheltered homelessness continues to have significant impacts of the urban landscape, particularly along the West Coast, HomeLandLab provides a freely-accessible, volunteer-powered resource for all landscape architects to understand and showcase the profession’s agency in both mitigating and solving the complex challenges presented by urban homelessness on our public landscapes. 

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