Othello Square Master Plan

Project Title: Othello Square Master Plan
Landscape Architect: Weber Thompson
Category: Research, Analysis and Planning
Location: Seattle, WA
The Othello Square Master Plan documents a robust community-led effort to establish an equitable and representative development project. As a direct response to the displacement of long-time residents of the Othello neighborhood in South Seattle, Othello Square unites the vision of residents, businesses and community organizations through a focus on health, and economic empowerment and opportunity. 

Departing from the typical purpose of a master plan, this document captures the voice of all the stakeholders and focuses on implementation of the collective vision. Its analysis centers on how public open space can be expressive, support interaction and achieve goals that are largely felt rather than seen. It provides both context for the development, as well as a launching board for each design team to maintain relevance to the collective whole.

The master plan plays a critical role to ensure that the entire campus will stand as a strong and inspiring statement of what is possible when community leads.

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