2020 Annual WASLA Conference

Seattle Airport Marriott, March 27, 2020

Engaging Teenagers in Public Space


Engaging Teenagers in Public Space: Growing evidence points towards the positive health benefits associated with teenagers engaging in play, social interaction, and nature. In conversations with medical professionals, government agencies, and nonprofits, it is clear that the public health community is grasping for ways to engage teenagers in healthy outdoor social activities. Landscape architects can lead the way to significantly improve health outcomes for teens through engagement and focused design solutions to improve public space. The panel discussion, moderated by Landscape Architect/Urban Designer/Educator Kristi M. Park, Principal of Ekologi Design + Planning, includes a broad mix of disciplines including public park representatives, nonprofits and medical professionals to discuss engagement methods and ideas to entice teenagers to use public space in healthful ways.

Speaker Bios:

Kristi M. Park, PLA/ASLA, Principal of Ekologi Design + Planning,

Kristina M. Park, PLA, ASLA, Principal of Ekologi Design + Planning, encompasses experience ranging from master-planning projects to site specific installations. As a landscape architect and community planner, Kristi is passionate about empowering communities to discover the values, culture, and natural environment in which a project exists. She is also a strong project manager and permitting specialist, helping clients navigate the complex permit process to achieve project goals on time and within budget. Kristi serves as part-time faculty teaching courses with the landscape architecture and urban planning programs at the University of Washington and with the Huxley College at Western Washington University.

Learning Objectives:

  • Why it's important to engage teenagers in public space.
  • Methods to reach teens in the public engagement process.
  • Design elements/ideas keep teenagers coming back in healthful interactions.