Edmonds Waterfront Park

Project Title: Edmonds Waterfront Park
Landscape Architect: Environmental Works
Category: General Design, Public Ownership
Award: Award of Merit
Location: Edmonds, WA

The Edmonds Waterfront Redevelopment Project creates accessible, sustainable, welcoming access to a restored beachfront while adding 280 feet to the City’s beloved mile-long public Marine Walkway.  It removed a creosote-soaked bulkhead and fill; and added sand, gravel, native plants, and logs to restore the shoreline to natural conditions.  The one-acre Project’s natural materials, patterns, and art align functionally and aesthetically with a series of parks along the Edmonds Waterfront that are equal parts promenade, seawall, sculpture garden, and habitat for animals and people.  The Project’s places and experiential elements flow gracefully between the site’s new Waterfront Center, and the restored beachfront.  Four medallions embedded in the pathway honor the site’s environmental and cultural history.  Glacial erratic native boulders and anchored logs playfully enhance habitat.

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