Hassalo on Eighth

Project Title: Hassalo on Eighth
Landscape Architect: PLACE
Category: Residential Design
Award: Award of Merit
Location: Seattle, WA

Envisioned with ethos of an “eco-district,” Hassalo on Eighth is a LEED Platinum urban development centered on a green infrastructure plaza, a sublime antidote to pandemic lockdown. Employing innovative sustainable technologies and amenities for renewable and clean energy, green roofs, a bike hub, and access to mass transportation and is one of the first and largest North American neighborhoods to treat and recycle wastewater on site. NORM, Natural Organic Recycling Machine, diverts away from the municipal sewer 100% of the wastewater generated in the three residential buildings. The system lessens the burden on public utilities, saving costly repairs and infrastructure expansion and garnering considerable support from the City and State DEQ. NORM treats 45,000 gallons per day through a series of trickling filters and constructed wetlands integrated into the design of the park-like pedestrian water street, an epicenter of the landscape. Unused treated wastewater is injected into dry wells for crucial groundwater recharge in a largely impervious urban area, ensuring that no element of this new ‘waste’ stream is wasted.

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