Microsoft 121-122

Project Title: Microsoft 121-122
Landscape Architect: Brumbaugh Associates
Category: General Design, Public Ownership
Award: Award of Merit
Location: Redmond, WA

The design team was tasked with a major renovation of a 30-year-old suburban office complex into a modern and sustainable workplace environment.  The primary objective was a focus on employee health and well-being, encouragement of more active interaction among team members, and inspiration of creativity through extension of the workplace into the exterior environment. The project plaza features a small gathering cabin, 3-season meeting structures and furnished outdoor spaces for meetings, dining, and relaxation. Mature conifers were preserved and enhanced with native vegetation and a large open lawn area was replaced with active plaza uses.   A small amphitheater supports group events, product launches, and entertainment and festive site lighting encourages extension of the hours of use. Walking paths through art and sculpture and a bocce court provide recreation opportunities.  The project accomplished client goals with sustainable design that provides a multitude of creative work and recreation amenities.  In this new era of virus realities, people are drawn to an outdoor environment where they can connect and safely interact with ample distancing and fresh outdoor air.

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