Microsoft B40-41

Project Title: Microsoft B40-41
Landscape Architect: PLACE
Category: General Design, Public Ownership
Award: Award of Merit
Location: Redmond, WA

The visionary transformation of the Buildings 40-41 propels Microsoft Redmond Campus into a world class, resilient workplace environment ready to accommodate working Al Fresco post COVID-19 pandemic. Announcing a progressive era for the mobile workforce culture, creative redevelopment of existing buildings embodies reimagination of the traditional office. The team fluidly approached the courtyard design by testing and incorporating diverse programs, informing the built form, and creating a space uniquely tailored for socially distanced collaboration. Meticulously composed plaza, an elevated plinth of patterned linear pavers, circumscribed by the existing context, is subtly carved away becoming a connective and interactive epicenter. The plinth as new infrastructure, layers circulation and frames intra campus with full-length wood reclining seat edge transition space. Three ‘Pods’ tailored outdoor meeting rooms are emersed within verdant vernacular offering playful pastimes with range of flexible seating to accommodate conversations, solo work, and physically distanced large stand-up gatherings. A true lure to explore outdoors, a monumental glass canopy viewed from above, floats amongst a green cloud of mature multi-stem Katsura and Japanese Maple Trees.

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