Nicholas Zurlini

Architect: Nicholas Zurlini
Landscape Architect Firm: GGLO Design
Award: Outstanding Emerging Professional
Location: Seattle, WA

Nick came to GGLO as an intern, and from day one, his relaxed attitude and approachable demeanor help him settle in quickly. Nick shows genuine interest in learning from his peers and mentors, and his positive attitude comes from a place of excitement for the profession and the idea that Landscape architecture is world changing endeavor, regardless of the task or scale.

Nick has continued to challenge himself professionally by learning the tools and process of irrigation design, helping to develop graphic templates for the Landscape Architecture Team, and speaking up at design critiques and group collaboration sessions.

Outside of project work. Nick has stepped into a leadership role with the Seattle ACE mentor program. He has volunteered hundreds of hours over the past two years to help high school students discover and fall in love with design. Nick and the ACE team have organized intensive design work session for the students, hosted design critiques, and mentored students as they find their passion for the Design Professions. Nick’s approachability and relaxed attitude is the perfect inroad for a young student with a burgeoning interest in our profession. He has continued to lead this program even during the pandemic, working with the students through virtual design meetings and work sessions, helping to ensure the future of the profession is brighter than ever.

In 2019 Nick began volunteering to help with graphics for the Washington ASLA Chapter, helping to create conference graphics. After this introduction to ASLA, and after attending the National ASLA conference in San Diego as an Olmsted scholar finalist, Nick decided to run for a Board position with the local Chapter as the Western Washington Member at Large. Through this role, he is able to serve on the Professional Advisory Committee at the University of Washington, representing Washington ASLA. Nick has continued to be involved as the liaison to the Student and Emerging Professionals Committee as well, helping to solicit and organize entrants for our annual scholarship program More recently Nick was nominated and has begun serving on Associate Advisory Committee at National ASLA. We could not be prouder of his work to help further the mission of ASLA.

Nick has also continued to work with his fellow Olmsted scholars in conjunction with the Landscape Architecture Foundation (LAF) on their new Green New Deal Super Studio. As a part of this Studio Nick is working with a group of fellow emerging professionals from around the United States to create visual representations and graphics of the positive change the green new deal could enact, which will eventually be presented to Congress members.

Nick is a tremendous member of our team, dedicated volunteer in for multiple organizations, and a mentor to students and future professionals. In his short professional life of only a few years, he has accomplished much, and helped to further the profession of landscape architecture. He is multi-talented, driven, a consummate collaborator, and most importantly and ambassador and advocate for Landscape Architecture.