Vancouver Waterfront Park

Project Title: Vancouver Waterfront Park
Landscape Architect: PWL Partnership
Category: General Design, Public Ownership
Award: Award of Excellence
Location: Vancouver, WA

Vancouver Waterfront Park is a confluence of ecologies that celebrates the profound importance of interconnectedness and resiliency in a time defined by social disconnection and vulnerability to the impacts of climate change. 

Nestled beside the Columbia River in Vancouver, Washington, this 7.3-acre public park merges rigorous foreshore restoration with ambitious development plans, resulting in a regenerative project that honours the cultural and spiritual connection between a community and its river.

The multidisciplinary team reclaimed a former industrial site and transformed it into a connected riverfront, re-instilling a sense of identity and pride in the community. Thoughtfully integrated into the landscape, public art, interpretive stations, and outlooks demonstrate the importance of early and meaningful collaboration between disciplines to establish a coherent and robust design narrative. Inspired by the Columbia Basin Watershed, the park's form and character illustrate the region's natural history and reference rich water symbolism.

This project demonstrates pragmatism and creativity, the most significant tenet of landscape architecture: through healing, strengthening and celebrating our natural systems, we can repair, support and honour our communities.

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