Dickman Mill Park Expansion and Head Saw Restoration

Project Title: Dickman MIll Park Expansion and Head Saw Restoration
Landscape Architect: Anchor QEA
Ghost Log Artist: Mary Coss
-Ron Wright and Associates / Architects
-Cross Engineers
Category: General Design, Public Ownership
Award: Award of Honor
Location: Tacoma, WA

Tacoma’s waterfront history comes to life through intentional placement of artifacts, interpretation, and improved access to this shoreline park. Set within a restored landscape along bustling Ruston Way, Dickman Mill Park balances public enjoyment with Puget Sound ecology and historical human use. This new public space incorporates authentic historical artifacts, public art, native plantings, and coastal resiliency design strategies to create an evocative and accessible visitor experience. The design reflects thoughtful research into Dickman Lumber Mill’s history and mechanical processes, offering opportunities to explore the massive head saw and carriage, placed in its original location with a backdrop of Commencement Bay views. There is a varied design approach to help visitors engage with the scale and significance of this place: preservation of on-site foundations, elevated circulation around the industrial objects, and integration of art and interpretive signage. The Ghost Log sculpture strengthens the site’s story, representing old-growth timber alongside traditional basket weave and cedar boughs, sacred to the Puyallup Tribe. As the sun sets, the Ghost Log illuminates the park at night.

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