Oregon Rural Community Schoolyards

Project Title:Oregon Rural Community Schoolyards
Landscape Architect: ABLE
Category: Analysis and Planning
Award: Award of Honor
Location: Various Locations, OR
From the towering peaks of the Cascades to the dramatic canyons of the high desert, Oregon is  famous for its stunning landscapes. Paradoxically, rural communities among these beautiful  natural lands often lack access to high-quality green spaces close to home.

The Oregon Rural Community Schoolyards program addresses this park equity gap and  strengthens local resilience by transforming underserved rural schoolyards into vibrant green  spaces, generating cultural and ecological benefits that extend beyond students and educators  to provide vital resources to entire communities. By creating robust and accessible spaces for  rural Oregonians to learn, play, and gather, these revitalized schoolyards build healthier, more  connected communities.

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