The Voters Have Spoken!

Last month we asked the Membership how they felt about changing the Washington landscape architecture seal. Thank you to the forty-one members that responded to the survey. Ninety-five percent of the survey respondents felt that our seal should be changed so that it fits in a standard title block. Some of the comments included with the survey are: 

  •  “I like the tree symbol, without the hearts, but I would LOVE if the stamp fit in a standard title block, this issue is constantly irritating. Perhaps a revised stamp could still incorporate the tree but fit all the text within the circle as well.”
  • “The hearts are very unprofessional and an embarrassment to the profession.”
  • “It could definitely use some updating, I don't have my stamp yet, but I don't really like the hearts either!”
  • “I would like to see a more professional appearing seal. The current stamp looks dated and cartoonlike.”
  • “I like the idea of the tree, but I do think that it needs to be able to fit in a standard title block! I'm also looking at the stamp issued in the mid-90's, and the hearts are not hearts - but angular pieces, which I much prefer.” 
  • “Honestly, I am seriously considering delaying getting licensed until we have a better seal in order to avoid a seal with hearts in it!!! I didn't know the current one had those!” 
  • “It would be nice if the stamp fit in the "standard" title block.”

Wow. At least no one appears to be changing professions over the appearance of our seal (yet). Apparently, there is no love for the hearts. Given the results of the survey, the WASLA executive committee is sending a letter to the Board of Landscape Architects requesting that the stamp be modified to fit in a standard title block and that the tree (if reused in a new stamp) not contain hearts. Guess that we won’t be printing I “heart” Landscape Architecture bumper stickers. Stay tuned.

--Curtis LaPierre, ASLA

[Thank you Laura Thompson for the seal]  

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