WASLA and National Park Service Collaborate During World Landscape Architecture Month

Above is the East Whatcom Regional Resource Center, the location for this month’s trail design workshop located in scenic Kendall, WA. This workshop will be facilitated by the National Park Service and will feature design teams composed of community residents and WASLA volunteers.

Kendall was once a community situated around a limestone quarry. After being mined from the rolling hills in the Columbia Valley, the limestone was then sent to Bellingham by train, and used to make concrete. Today, Kendall is considered an “urban growth area.” It hosts many Canadian visitors, and is home to about 4,000 people. Most residences in the area are situated along two major state highways, including Mt. Baker Highway, which pose a threat to safety as the community struggles to walk and bike to school, the library, and other services. WASLA and the National Park Service will be working together to help the community design and plan for their future trail system, as part of their on-going partnership.

Stay tuned for photos and stories from this design charrette, happening April 24-25 during World Landscape Architecture Month! 


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