Volunteer Highlight: Thanks, Lucas!


It is my absolute pleasure to write this piece about a great friend, colleague, and fellow Coug - Lucas Vannice.  Lucas is our outstanding volunteer this month for the tremendous work he has put in as the Public Relations and Communications committee chair. Let's just say that he is perfect for this position, as he is one of the most outgoing and engaging individuals I've had the delight of meeting. You may have all met him at the last WASLA social at Site Workshop where he gave a totally rad presentation on this year's PARK(ing) Day event. But that's not all that he's been up to - as the chair of the PR&C committee he is responsible for helping to plan and publicize WASLA events such as Landscape Architecture Month, Chapter Initiative projects, and helping to coordinate educational outreach campaigns to engage students.

Currently, Lucas is employed by past-president Courtney Landoll at The Watershed Company. With Courtney's experience on the Executive committee helping to guide his way, there isn't much that can stop young Lucas from accomplishing anything he sets his mind to. His presence in WASLA has been nothing but positive and I'm sure those good vibes will just keep rolling. Keep up the stellar work!

Outside of his job and his work on the PR&C committee, Lucas can be found scaling mountains and rough terrain by foot (hiking), by hand (rock climbing), and by bike. It's clear that Lucas's determined attitude and upbeat spirit has translated from his utterly tubular lifestyle into the work that he produces. Thanks for all you do to make WASLA great, Lucas!!

Laura Thompson
WASLA Eastern WA Representative


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