December 2015

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  1. Editor's Note
  2. Registration for 2016 WASLA Conference Is Now Open!
  3. Public Relations and Awareness Committee
  4. Presenting the New Washington Landscape Architect Stamp!
  5. New World-Class ASLA Center for Landscape Architecture!
  6. Register Now: 2015-2016 Statewide LID Training Program
  7. Ken Struckmeyer Student Scholarship Endowment Fund
  8. Support the Kenichi Nakano Endowed Scholarship Fund for Landscape Architecture
  9. UW Landscape Architecture Internship/ Practicum Portal

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Stephanie Stroud


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WASLA Executive Committee

David Stipe, ASLA, LLA

Immediate Past President
Courtney Landoll, ASLA

Curtis Lapierre, ASLA

Dean Koonts, ASLA

Member at Large
Laura Thompson, ASLA

Member at Large
Marieke Lacasse, ASLA, LEED AP

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Juanita Rogers, ASLA 

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Editor's Note
Stephanie Stroud

As the winter landscape in Washington becomes stark and chilled, with prolonged dark nights, we retreat indoors to the comforts of warmth, good food and interior light. To combat winter blues, especially under thick cloud cover in western Washington, I find one successful technique is adopting and embracing what the Danish refer to as hygge (pronounced hyoo-ga). Which, is a challenging word to say, and even more challenging to understand. What Ive learned from researching the idea and from studying in Denmark, it resembles the Englihs meaning for cozy, and abstractly its like the feeling you get from biking with a furry winter coat to a quaint tea shop where you sit in plush chairs with your friends and family, surrounded by candles and delicious treats. The Danish, who enjoy the most happiness of any other country, fully embrace this idea. They celebrate hygge year-round, but the prime hygge time is around the holidays. From my own independent research, employing the concept of hygge to your own environment increases winter happiness in Seattle by about 85%. As landscape architects, we can see how a Danish landscape embodies the idea of hygge: take Tivoli Gardens. This open space in Copenhagen is both an amusement park and lush garden, with twinkling lanterns high in the trees and warm glowing shops, offering music and theatre performances that you can view from lounge chairs from a green lawn. When I visited in Spring, the flowers created colorful swaths of fragrance, and purple lollipop-shaped alliums waved merrily down the curved walkways. It's friendly and cozy, offering a place of joy and happiness even in the often bleak Scandinavian winter. Using the idea of hygge, we can draw inspiration from the Danes, especially around the holidays, and adopt their approach to create places that evoke a feeling of warmth and light. Landscape architects can offer soothing comfort to those who use our spaces, even when winter months each feel a year long.


Registration For 2016 WASLA Conference Is Now Open! 

The 2016 WASLA conference registration is now open! You can register for the pre-conference tours and our one-day conference at the Lynnwood Convention Center on April 1st, 2016.  Register today and enjoy our early registration rate. We also offer special discounts to students and WASLA members. Don’t miss out this opportunity!

Joining our candidate conversations on "Imagine Tomorrow" are keynote speakers David Rubin, ASLA, FAAR of Land Collective, and Steve Austin of Washington State University.  David and Steve will examine how landscape architects can employ design to address socio-environmental challenges we face today and tomorrow. For more details, visit


Public Relations and Awareness Committee

As 2015 draws to a close, the WASLA Public Relations and Awareness Committee is approaching one year since their kick-off meeting last January.  The purpose of this kick-off meeting was to set goals, both long and short term, for how to work with ASLA to promote the profession of landscape architecture within our state. This past year has been an exciting one. Many hours were spent building the committee and showcasing landscape architecture both locally and regionally through social media, national events, and world celebrations. Below are some of our accomplishments.


Presenting The New Washington Landscape Architect Stamp!

The WASLA Executive Committee has been working over the past months with the Washington State Board of Licensure for Landscape Architects to adopt a new stamp design that fits within a standard title block. At the Board’s October 16th meeting, the WASLA proposed stamp design was unanimously approved. The updated stamp is circular and about 1-7/8 inches in diameter so that it will fit in a typical 2” square title block. The Peace Tree image (minus the hearts) was retained as it makes our stamp unique among other state’s seals and because the tree has been in use as part of our stamp since 1966. Your name will of course appear above the tree, your license number on the SE side; you will sign across the tree and write in the expiration date of your license below. 


New World-Class ASLA Center For Landscape Architecture!

The Board of Trustees is made up of one member (trustee) from each of the chapters and meets twice a year to conduct the business of the Society. Overall, the mood is very positive – firms across the country are growing and hiring and ASLA’s membership has grown. SITES is up and running and two major projects at the ASLA headquarters in Washington DC – the headquarters renovation and the Chinatown Green Streets project are moving forward. 

Read more >> 

Register Now: 2015-2016 Statewide LID Training Program

The 2015-2016 Statewide Low Impact Development Training Program is now open for registration. The program offers over 45 trainings throughout the state from now to May 2016 for the following target audiences:

  • Designers and engineers, including landscape architects
  • Planners and permitters
  • Construction and land development professionals
  • Inspection and enforcement staff
  • Operations and maintenance staff
  • Allied disciplines that plan, design, review, build, and maintain LID projects

Topics for the 2015-2016 program include bioretention, permeable pavement, green roofs and rainwater harvesting design, site assessment and planning, NPDES permit requirements, and more!


Ken Struckmeyer Student Scholarship Endowment Fund

After 40+ years of service to Washington State University and his students, Ken Struckmeyer has retired. His jovial and caring presence on campus is greatly missed. To honor Ken’s career as professor, coach, mentor, and colleague; an endowment has been established in his name, the Ken Struckmeyer Student Scholarship Endowment Fund. The endowment is awarded to students who are aspiring declared majors in landscape architecture.


Support the Kenichi Nakano Endowed Scholarship Fund for Landscape Architecture

For over four decades, Kenichi Nakano graced the Pacific Northwest with exceptionally subtle and inviting modernist design, generously contributed to community and civic life, and mentored generations of students and professionals of all disciplines.

On August 8, 2012, we lost our teacher, mentor, and friend all too soon.

Your gift in memory of Kenichi to the Kenichi Nakano Endowed Scholarship Fund will leave a lasting legacy and support outstanding students in the University of Washington's Department of Landscape Architecture.


UW Landscape Architecture Internship/ Practicum Portal


UWLA PAC, Internship + Research Committee

The Landscape Department at the University of Washington has been working hard on providing its students with valuable resources that can better connect them with local employers for internships and practicum opportunities.

Prior to developing these resources we sent a survey to our local employer list to get feedback on what firms wanted and if they would use specific resources. We took this information and over the summer developed a space where employers can submit internships and practicums and positions to a page that is only accessible by our students...


Washington Chapter American Society of Landscape Architects 
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