December 2016

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  1. Editor's Note

  2. 2017 WASLA Conference - Where History Meets Nature

  3. Thanks for Joining Us!

  4. Students Describe Their Experience at ASLA Conference in New Orleans

  5. Auction to Benefit Student Work in Zimbabwe

  6. Interpreting the Story of the First Park Rangers

  7. Need a Job? Take a Look at the WSU Job Board!

  8. Ken Struckmeyer Student Scholarship Endowment Fund

  9. Support the Kenichi Nakano Endowed Scholarship Fund for Landscape Architecture

  10. UW Landscape Architecture Internship/ Practicum Portal

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Stephanie Stroud


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Editor's Note
Stephanie Stroud

Dear WASLA members, fellow environmentalists, artists, designers, and friends,

I am pleased to announce that we have found a new editor for the newsletter. Patrick Pirtle will be taking over in my place, and we are confident that he will do a great job! Thank you and welcome, Patrick! You can send future announcements and articles to Patrick at [email protected].

I would like to leave you with a quote from Kathleen Dean Moore, an environmental philosopher and Pacific-Northwesterner. When the fight seems tiring, clients too demanding, or when you're looking for inspiring wisdom to guide your pen, her writings are worth a read. Her words have come to my mind many times as I've read articles for this newsletter and this passage seems appropriate to share now. 

"...the most loving thing you can say to a person is 'Look.' When people learn to look, they begin to see, really see. When they begin to see, they begin to care. And caring is the portal into the moral world." 

I hope you have moments when you can help others to see the power of the natural world, and when you can take the time to look yourself.

Thank you,

2017 WASLA Conference - Where History Meets Nature

Save the Date: April 20-22

The Washington Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects invites you to this year's annual conference, Where History Meets Nature, in one of Washington State's landmarks, the City of Spokane. Our one-day conference will be held in Spokane Conference Center on April 21st. Pre-conference and post-conference events are also available for conference attendees. For sponsorship opportunities, please visit our website for more details.

Join us and participate in educational sessions and discussions about place-shaping as they relate to intertwining natural assets and the built environment, historical preservation and planning the future, city centers and city perimeters, and other topics that explore our history, challenges, opportunities, and responsibilities when shaping nature.

Don't miss out this opportunity to explore the history of Spokane and earn up to 8 LA CES-approved PHDs. Conference program and registration will be available in January 2017.

We hope to see you all on Friday, April 21st 2017!

Thanks for Joining Us!

Last month UW and WASLA hosted an event that featured discussion about innovations in collaboration, designing for climate change, and building community. Those who came out were treated to an inspiring night with Kate Orff, Founder and Partner of SCAPE / LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE. Kate presented her new book Toward an Urban Ecology, and shared the work of her New York-based firm.

See more photos from the night here.

Students Describe Their Experience at ASLA Conference in New Orleans

WASLA awarded scholarships for two students to attend this year's annual ASLA conference in sunny New Orleans. Below are two write ups from Jack Alderman and Darin Rosellini about what they experienced and what they learned. Enjoy, and congrats again to our winners!

This year's ASLA Meeting and Expo was a fantastic experience. I had never been to something like this before and certainly enjoyed it. The education sessions were the most interesting part of the Expo for me. Having the opportunity to hear from some of the most successful landscape architects in the profession today was truly eye opening. Until this point, I had only read work from most of the speakers, and getting to see them speak about their most recent work was a somewhat surreal experience. 


Auction to Benefit Student Work in Zimbabwe

Painted Dog Research Trust USA is an organization founded by Carrie Culp, ASLA, in 2014 to link local Washington college students with projects that benefit their education and benefit the conservation of the African painted dog (Lycaon pictus).

In January 2017, PDRT-USA will undertake our third such project. Working with Brian Gerich and University of Washington's landscape architecture department, this Design Activism studio will focus on the design and development of a natural bio-remediation wetland to treat all waste water on a sustainable research campus in Zimbabwe, called Sizinda. Once developed and constructed (in a future design/build studio), this project will also be shared with local people as a replicable technology for their own communities.


Interpreting the Story of the First Park Rangers

The Buffalo Soldiers were established by Congress as the first peacetime all-black regiment in the regular U.S. Army. On September 21, 1866, these soldiers became members of the US 10th Cavalry of the United States Army at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. Referred to as the "Negro Cavalry," they were given the nickname of "Buffalo Soldiers" by the Native American tribes they fought in the Indian Wars.

What may be lesser-known is that troops of Buffalo Soldiers protected America's first National Parks, including Yosemite and Sequoia, serving as the first park rangers before the National Park Service (NPS) was created. They stewarded and protected the parks, created trails, guided settlers, and donned the first ranger hats which National Park Service rangers wear to this day.

Above: Buffalo Soldiers in the 24th Infantry carried out mounted patrol duties in Yosemite, 1899. (Yosemite Research Library)

You can learn more about the first park rangers by watching this video.

NPS is currently seeking suggestions for how to share the incredible story of the Buffalo Soldiers. To submit comments as part of their input process, visit their website.

Need a Job? Take a Look at the WSU Job Board!

The WSU School of Design and Construction (SDC) has a job board on its website. See

Positions are listed by discipline (landscape architecture, architecture, interior design, or construction management) or as "multidisciplinary" if a position applies to students in several majors. If you would like to post an internship or job opportunity, please contact Jaime Rice at [email protected].

The SDC also hosts employer information sessions, career workshops, on-campus interviews, and more. If you would like to schedule any or all of the above, please contact Chris Gana at [email protected].

Ken Struckmeyer Student Scholarship Endowment Fund

After 40+ years of service to Washington State University and his students, Ken Struckmeyer has retired. His jovial and caring presence on campus is greatly missed. To honor Ken's career as professor, coach, mentor, and colleague; an endowment has been established in his name, the Ken Struckmeyer Student Scholarship Endowment Fund. The endowment is awarded to students who are aspiring declared majors in landscape architecture.


Support the Kenichi Nakano Endowed Scholarship Fund for Landscape Architecture

For over four decades, Kenichi Nakano graced the Pacific Northwest with exceptionally subtle and inviting modernist design, generously contributed to community and civic life, and mentored generations of students and professionals of all disciplines.

On August 8, 2012, we lost our teacher, mentor, and friend all too soon.

Your gift in memory of Kenichi to the Kenichi Nakano Endowed Scholarship Fund will leave a lasting legacy and support outstanding students in the University of Washington's Department of Landscape Architecture.


UW Landscape Architecture Internship/ Practicum Portal


UWLA PAC, Internship + Research Committee

The Landscape Department at the University of Washington has been working hard on providing its students with valuable resources that can better connect them with local employers for internships and practicum opportunities.

Prior to developing these resources we sent a survey to our local employer list to get feedback on what firms wanted and if they would use specific resources. We took this information and over the summer developed a space where employers can submit internships and practicums and positions to a page that is only accessible by our students.


Washington Chapter American Society of Landscape Architects 
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