2017 WASLA Student Award Winners

A jury of WASLA members reviewed six students (2 BLA and 4 MLA) selected by the Department of Landscape Architecture at UW using ASLA’s selection criteria on May 13, 2017.

Congratulations to these exemplary students! 

2017 NATIONAL ASLA Student Awards – May 13, 2016

MLA 2017:

Jackson Blalock – HONOR

Kelly Douglas – MERIT

William Estes – MERIT

Andrew Prindle – HONOR

BLA 2017:

Liang Huang – MERIT

Tori Shao – MERIT 

2017 WASLA Student DESIGN Awards – May 12, 2017

LA 322 - Intro to Planting Design

Natalie Farness, Meilin Guo, Yanie Hung - Relaxation MERIT

LA 302 - Urban Sites Studio

Julia Bakke and James Ditto – Rainier Crossing - MERIT

Juliana Hom – Percolation Place - MERIT 

LA 303 - Ecological Systems Studio

Lauren Wong - Thornton Creek Watershed: Mapping Landslide Potential MERIT

Nickie Yejin Bae – COO-d’etat – MERIT

Allison Ong – Where the Sidewalk Ends        Honor HONOR

Nicky Bloom – Niches: Enhancing the Ecotone MERIT

Sierra Mills Druley – Flux: Visualizing Polyrhythmic Remediation HONOR

Jean Ni – Lunisolar Timescape - MERIT

Monica Taylor – Mycelial Mimicry - MERIT 

LA 332 – Materials & Construction

Victoria Shao & Joshua Gawne – Being & Becoming - MERIT 

LA 501 - Scan|Design Master Studio

Sierra Druley, Joshua Gawne, Laura Durgerian, Robin Croen – Urban Loom MERIT

Jack Alderman, Jesse Shan, Kevin Van Meter, Tatyana Vashchenko – Nørrebro Plads [a vital edge] - HONOR 

LA 502 - Design Activism Studio

Aaron Parker & Wenwen Cao – Interconnection | Independence - HONOR

Sierra Druley & Jean Ni – Gathering Terrain: A Framework for Mitigating Environmental Extremes and Supporting Place-Based Learning on the Painted Dog Research Trust - HONOR

Nicky Bloom & Xinyu Shen – Painting Ecological Process - HONOR 

LA 503 - Community Design Studio

Tatyana Vashchenko – Jackson Park Golf Course Conversion - HONOR

Kelly Douglas – Crafted Seams at Cascade: Negotiating Character and Coherence at the Cascade P-Patch - MERIT

Wei-Lun Hsiao – Cascade P-Patch Redesign Project- Creating a Harmonious Place for Multiple Users - HONOR 

LA 507 - Art & Landscape Studio

Kelly Douglas – Winter Hearths: Sheltered Spaces for Wintertime Gathering on Seattle's Waterfront MERIT

Rich Freitas – Frame by Frame: Wayfinding for the Union Street Hill Climb MERIT

LA 498 - China Design/Build  

Xinyuan Shen, Hyungbae Park, Hanyu Tan, Liang Huang, Zihan Song, Jingwei Jiang, Zhizhenzi Qiu, Yueting Ni – King's Garden: the Lost and Found MERIT

LA 498 – Summer Neighborhood Design Studio

William Estes – Stretch: Reconnecting neighborhoods under, through, and over I-5 MERIT 

LA 701 - Thesis Studio

Andrew Prindle & Kasia Keeley – Hanford: Spatializing the Toxic Legacy of Nuclear Production - HONOR

Kelly Douglas –          Such Infinite Distances: Visualizing Embedded Narratives in Tacoma's Soil Contamination HONOR

Jessica Hamilton –Tactile MapTile: Working towards Inclusive Cartography MERIT      

URBDP 508 – El Salvador Planning Lab

Jackson Blalock & Cheryl Klotz – Strengthening Sustainable Fisheries: Partnerships, Preservation, and Place MERIT 

2017 WASLA Student WRITTEN Awards – May 12, 2017

Amanda Fleischman – Nature's Connection to HealthMERIT

Roxanne Robles – Urban Air Quality: A ReviewHONOR

Chih-Ping (Karen) Chen, Christel Game, Wenying (Winnie) Gu, Jiaxi (Jessie) Guo, Zhehao Huang, Will Shrader, Seongwon Song, James Wohlers- Civic Defragmentation | Civic Landscape Systems: Learning & Resilience By Design - MERIT

Hillary Pritchett – Concrete Nurse Logs: Spawning Biodiversity from Ballard’s Century-Old Locks HONOR

Matthew MacDonald – Floating Wetlands HONOR

Jorge Alarcon – Exploring Relationships Between Vector Borne Diseases and Landscape Architecture HONOR

Sarah Giannobile & Roxanne Lee – Lokahi Me 'Aina: Adapting Low Impact Development through the Cultural Lens of Traditional Hawaiian Ahupua'a management in semi-arid North Kona, Hawai'i - MERIT 

Also, many thanks go to our jurors for contributing their time and expertise to the jurying process: 

  • Michael Schwindeller, Sandy Fischer, Stephanie, Susanne Rockwell, Lara Rose, and Shawn Stankewich for the Thesis and Report Awards
  • Carrie Culp, Maureen Colaizzi, Dean Koonts, and Daren Crabill for the Design Awards
  • and Carrie Culp, Maureen Colaizzi, Dean Koonts, Daren Crabill, and Sandy Fischer for the ASLA National Student Awards

Congratulations, and keep up the incredible work!

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