November 2022


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President's Remarks

Dear WASLA Members and Readers,

The ASLA National Conference in San Francisco concluded on Monday, and with that ending, I have officially stepped into my role as WASLA President. Although I may not be sharing stories about the critters that wander through my backyard (since my backyard is a not-so-pastoral urban alley), I nonetheless am excited for my role and for the future of our chapter.

I spent last week in San Francisco, catching up with friends, geeking out on details in the city’s parks, and attending ASLA’s National Conference. Whenever I attend the National Conference, I am reminded of how impactful our profession is. I see and hear how significant our projects are to communities, how resilient our designs are in the face of climate change, and how meaningful our engagement is in shaping the built environment. I have attended the past four conferences, and I always return home thinking about how much potential our work holds.

This year was no different. In fact, this year may have been one of the most defining conferences in the past decade, as ASLA National announced and released its Climate Action Plan, which sets forth ambitious initiatives, goals, and visions to achieve by the year 2040. If you go to, you will find three documents that are free to download; the Executive Summary and Climate Action Plan are both important documents to familiarize yourself with, but the most helpful resource you can find there is the Climate Action Field Guide. The Field Guide outlines how we can measure success in our work through the lenses of Practice, Equity, and Advocacy.

If you are a firm leader, I encourage you make time to go through these documents with your staff. If you are an employee, bring these to your firm’s attention so your work can begin to reflect the Climate Action Plan’s goals. And if you are a professional ally, find ways you can support the efforts outlined in these documents through your own practices.

This is one of the most important tasks I want us to figure out over this next year: how the Climate Action Plan can play a role in our practice and how we can align our projects, at all scales, with its goals. The more often our work incorporates climate-based solutions, the more promising our collective future looks.


   WASLA President

Welcome New Board Members!
Members Sought for Seattle's Design Review Boards

Shape new buildings in your community

SEATTLE – Passionate about design or architecture? Mayor Bruce Harrell is looking for qualified candidates to fill 22 upcoming openings on the City of Seattle’s Design Review Boards. Board members evaluate the design of new buildings based on citywide and neighborhood-specific design guidelines. The boards review large mixed-use developments, multifamily housing, and commercial projects. The volunteer positions will start on April 4, 2023, when retiring board members’ terms expire.Click here to view the complete list of open positions.

Ideal candidates are professionals in the design and development fields who have proven skills and established careers. We are also seeking community and business leaders interested in civic engagement and shaping new development in their neighborhoods. The City of Seattle encourages applicants from all backgrounds and those with diverse life experiences.

To be considered for appointment, please send an application, cover letter, and resume by December 31, 2022 to Erika Ikstrums at [email protected].

You may download an application or email [email protected] to receive a copy.

Emailed applications are preferred, as electronic documents facilitate file sharing among the selection committee. If emailing is not an option, applicants can send their applications via U.S. mail to:

Erika Ikstrums, Design Review Program 
City of Seattle
Department of Construction and Inspections
700 – 5th Ave, Suite 2000
P.O. Box 34019
Seattle, Washington 98124-4019

Applicants should have:

  • Knowledge of, or interest in, architecture, urban design, and the development process
  • The ability to evaluate projects based on the city’s design guidelines
  • The ability to listen and communicate effectively at public meetings
  • A passion for design and community development, and
  • The ability to work well with others under pressure (prior experience with community or neighborhood groups is a plus)

Board members should expect to work approximately 15 hours a month attending and preparing for board meetings, which are held twice a month in the evenings. Board members are expected to attend at least 90 percent of the meetings. Board meetings have transitioned to an online platform.

For more information on the Design Review Board and the City’s Design Review Program, visit:

For other information, please contact Shelley Bolser, Design Review Program Manager, at 206-733-9067 or via e-mail at [email protected].

Capitol Campus Design Advisory Committee Seat Available

The State Department of Enterprise Services is seeking an experienced Landscape Architect to serve on the Capitol Campus Design Advisory Committee (CCDAC).

This a volunteer position, which is appointed by the Director of the Department of Enterprise Services, for a three-year term.

Committee Description:
The CCDAC is an advisory group to the State Capitol Committee (SCC) and the Director of the Department of Enterprise Services. This position fulfills an important stewardship role in contributing to the attainment of architectural, aesthetic, functional, and environmental excellence by reviewing and making recommendations on state facility programs, planning, designs, and site improvements located on the State Capitol Campus and in neighboring communities.

Click here for more information about CCDAC. In addition, the following links provide reference to applicable state law and define the role of CCDAC: RCW 43.34.080 Capitol Campus Design Advisory Committee Created & Role Capitol Campus Design Advisory Committee Handbook


The successful candidate will be expected to attend committee meetings, which are held quarterly for two hours in Olympia, WA. Meetings will be a combination of virtual and in-person format, typically held during normal business hours. CCDAC members may also be called upon to attend special meetings, committee workshops, and meetings held by the State Capitol Committee throughout the year. DES does provide for customary reimbursements or an allowance for expenses for committee participation at regularly scheduled and special meetings in accordance with state law and established financial practices


Candidates must be familiar with: 

  • Site design considerations within a Historic District
  • Community and comprehensive planning
  • Land use and environmental planning
  • Architectural and engineering design and construction.
  • The Master Plan for the Capitol of the State of Washington (2006), Wilder and White Campus Plan, the Olmsted plan, and the West Capitol Campus Historic Landscape Preservation Master Plan (2009).
  • Experience with public works processes is strongly preferred.

Supplemental Information

Application Process:
To be considered for the position, please submit a letter of interest and a professional resume that describes: 

  • The experience you will bring to the Committee that contributes to excellence in the planning, design and preservation of facilities at the State Capitol and neighboring communities.
  • How you meet the qualifications or desired experience for a Volunteer Landscape Architect:
    • The most successful applicants will have at least five years of Landscape Architect experience, including two years in a supervisory capacity.
    • Registered Landscape Architect preferred.
  • Address your letter of interest to William J. Frare, PE, Assistant Director, Facility Professional Services Division, Department of Enterprise Services, PO Box 41476, Olympia, WA 98504- 1476.

Please e-mail your letter of interest and resume to Chris Ferguson. If you have any questions, you can contact him directly at (360) 790-7758. 

Seeking Volunteers for Exhibitor Opportunity

WASLA has the opportunity to host an exhibitor booth at the 2023 Washington School Counselor Association Annual Conference. This spring's event is being held from March 1-3, at the beautiful Doubletree Hilton Hotel Seattle! 

This annual event will put WASLA in front of 600+ school counselors from around the State of Washington. If you are interested in volunteering, please email us at [email protected] to learn more!

Welcome Members!

A very warm welcome to our new and renewing WASLA Members:

  • Bart T. Berg
  • Phoebe E. Bogert
  • Danielle L. Devier
  • David M. Guthrie
  • Jennifer Guthrie
  • Derek Holmer
  • Stuart Jones
  • Kasia Keeley
  • Sarah Kwon
  • Tamra Lehuta
  • Amy Lindemuth
  • Andy Mitton
  • Julie A. Neff
  • Shannon R. Nichol
  • Michael R. Odren
  • Ida Emely Ottesen
  • John Payne
  • Shelby D. Perrault
  • Caitlin M. Squier-Roper
  • Amy Wagenfeld
  • Michelle M. Whitfield
  • Daniel M. Winterbottom
  • Kalleen D. Zimmerman

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