LARE Section 4 Bootcamp


Grading, Drainage, & Construction Documentation 
Friday October 21, 2016 – Sunday October 23, 2016
8:30 AM - 6:30 PM
Residence Inn, 800 Fairview Avenue North, Seattle, WA 98109

Through lecture, group discussion, and practice exercises, this intensive three-day course focuses on preparing students to take Section 4: Grading, Drainage & Construction Documentation of the Landscape Architects Registration Examination (LARE). This course includes a look at what material is typically covered on the exam and strategy tips on the new advanced item types. The course will include a short refresher on the fundamentals of grading and drainage. We will focus on building and reinforcing skills essential to successfully completing Section 4 of the LARE. Each student will receive a course syllabus containing approximately 330 pages of information pertinent to Section 4, a minimum of 23 grading and drainage advanced item type problems, and 100 test questions. Lectures, practice tests, practice exercises, question and answer sessions are part of the class.

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The program includes:

  • Overview of the Exam (including question formats)
  • Exam Preparation Techniques
  • Practical Techniques for Solving the new Advanced Type Problems
  • Grading Principles
  • Foundation Systems and Setting Finish Floors
  • Interpretation of Soil Maps and Reports
  • Watershed Planning
  • Accessibility Requirements
  • Roadway Grading
  • Vision Cone Problem Solving
  • Effects of Urbanization on Watersheds
  • Storm Drainage and Stormwater Management Principles
  • Elements, Functions and Design of Stormwater Ponds and Dams
  • Construction Documents
  • Specifications
  • Sedimentation and Erosion Control
  • Stormwater Computations
  • Selection of Construction Materials
  • Construction Detailing
  • Structural Considerations
  • Irrigation Systems

Ray Freeman, is a principal of Freeman & Jewell Landscape Architecture and has more than 35 years of experience as a Landscape Architect. His specialty areas include site planning, layout and grading plans, sedimentation control, storm drainage and stormwater management design, pond design, environmental permitting, and construction detailing. Mr. Freeman has taught this section of the LARE review since the Spring of 2000. He also taught grading and drainage in the Landscape Architecture program at the University of California at Berkeley between 1995-1999 and currently teaches Site Engineering for Landscape Architects at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco.

Each Participant will need to bring the following supplies:

  • Engineers scale - 12” or 6” long
  • Parallel glider or portable drafting board
  • Triangles (30º/60º, 45º, and adjustable) A 10" adjustable and 8" 30/60 and 45 triangles are good sizes
  • Drafting tape or dots
  • Pencils or lead holders and erasers
  • Highlighter
  • Calculator with square root capability
  • 12-inch roll of tracing paper
  • Notepad
  • Drafting brush (optional)
  • Circle templates and engineered radius guide (optional)

"The structure of the course, and the instruction offered by Ray were top notch. He is an expert on taking this exam and grading work, and is able to break down this complicated subject for his students better than anyone I have encountered to date. Everyone in the class received personal attention and assistance, and I cannot sing his praises enough! The quality and depth this workshop covered far exceeded my expectations, and I will be sure to tell everyone I know how wonderful it was. I think this workshop helped me a hundred-fold in being prepared for the exam.”
--Stephanie Coble, Raleigh, NC, Apr 2010

“I'm happy to report that your review course was exactly what I needed to finally get past Section E of the exam. Further proof of the benefit of your review course is found in comparing my various results on section E the four times that I had to take it. I had never passed more than a single vignette on section E. So the awesome turn around I managed this time was great.”
--Justin Ware, Stockton, CA Oct 04

“I want to thank you for your great teaching. I don't know how I could have passed without taking your classes. They enabled me to pass each exam on the first try."
--Phoebe Mc Cormick, Berkeley, CA Oct 10


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