Calling All Mentors for the University of Washington

Dear WASLA Members,

I am sending out the Call for Mentors early this year in the hope of building a team of 40-50 mentors for the upcoming school year at University of Washington. As always, we need your help to get started early and make this the most rewarding year yet for the mentorship program. The school year starts at the beginning of October and runs through early June.

Participation is easy. Please list your information below and send it back to me at [email protected]. Then the student representatives and I will pair you with a student by late September/early October and off you go!

Professional interest/expertise:
Additional languages spoken:
Work on international projects?
Interest in mentoring multiple mentees as a group? 

We ask you to participate by spending 2-3 hours per month with your student as both of your schedules allow. Typical activities would include a tour of your office and perhaps a project site, desk critiques, help with portfolio building, introductions to colleagues and other professionals, and attendance at reviews.

Here are the basic requirements/milestones for participation:

a) Introductory coffee or lunch (mentor’s treat?)
b) Tour the mentor’s office
c) Receive studio critiques from mentor/attend reviews
d) Have student do 1-3 hours of research directed by mentor (ideally on something that helps the mentor’s actual work, that way it’s keyed to the real world). This could be a quick recon trip to a park or material yard, or some web research on slope stabilization, or a landscape code review for a municipality.
e) Trip to active job site (if possible) 

Thank you in advance for your interest and participation!


Carrie Culp, RLA, ASLA
WASLA/UW Mentorship Program Chair

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