2016 WASLA Conference Announced!

016 WASLA Conference – Imagine Tomorrow

Where will the future take us, and what role will the landscape architect play? The 2016 WASLA conference theme of "Imagine Tomorrow" challenges attendees to question the path we are on and what comes next. While humankind trends dangerously toward natural resource extinction, recent breakthroughs in science and technology has propelled never before seen advances in efficient and sustainable existence. Are we headed toward doom or deliverance? What does our future have in store?

What do you Imagine for Tomorrow?

Join colleagues and like-minded individuals in Lynnwood on Friday, April 1st for the 2016 WASLA Conference, an opportunity to discuss these questions and more through social dialogue, thought provoking educational sessions, and innovative pre and post conference tours and workshops.

More information to follow soon.


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