The WASLA Events Committee Needs You!

Do you organize your friends' activities for fun? Do you enjoy managing events? Do you fantasize about planning weddings or other occasions? We need you!

We are looking for volunteers to help kick-start the new WASLA Events Committee. This newly formed committee will replace the cyclical Conference, Awards and Professional Development committees.  The reason behind this much needed change is to take advantage of the institutional knowledge of committee members; streamline the efficiency of our efforts; and to provide more services to you, our members. The objective of this committee is to add value to members' relationship with WASLA by providing specialized events for networking, education, professional development, and recognition within the profession. 

The first event on the planning schedule will be the WASLA Conference hosted in Spokane!

Some of the responsibilities that an Event Committee volunteer may have include:

  • Developing a yearly calendar of events
  • Continuing to improve upon WASLA's current events and to help come up with new events
  • Aiding in speaker selection and topics for events
  • Aiding in the preparation of graphics and text for each event
  • Assisting in venue selection and event planning
  • Working with the treasurer to identify potential sponsors and sponsorship packages for events
  • Collaborating with the Membership Committee to identify events that could meet member needs

If you are interested in becoming involved or would like to find out more, please contact President-elect Laura Thompson for more information regarding open positions: [email protected]


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