November 2020



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  1. President's Remarks
  2. Duane Dietz - New WASLA President
  3. WASLA is looking for the next newsletter it you?
  4. Thank you WASLA Sponsors
  5. Current Job Postings
  6. Support Endowed Scholarships

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WASLA Board of Directors

Tim Slazinik, ASLA

President Elect
Duane Dietz, ASLA

Marieke Lacasse, ASLA

Dean Koonts, ASLA

Maren McBride, ASLA

Member at Large
Michael Lipko, ASLA

Member at Large, W. WA
Nicholas Zurlini, ASLA

Member at Large, E. WA
Steele Fitzloff, ASLA

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President's Remarks

Tim Slazinik

Greetings WASLA Members and followers!

The time has come for me to step down as President and welcome in the exciting changes that a new year and new leadership brings! I have had a great time serving my two years as WASLA president, serving you, our members and working alongside our amazing staff and volunteers. I look forward to supporting Duane Dietz as he brings great experience and energy to the role. Thank you all for your continued support of WASLA and I hope to see you at the Awards Ceremony this Spring!



Tim Slazinik
WASLA President

Duane Dietz - New WASLA President

Hi. I’m Duane Dietz, incoming president of the WASLA chapter. I want to thank Tim Slazinik for his exceptional service in leading the chapter during one of the most difficult times I think that anyone can recall. I also want to thank the entire WASLA Board as they have laid down a great framework for recovery from this year of upheaval. The pandemic, coupled with cultural, economic, and political disruptions, has given our profession an opportunity to reflect and look ahead. Landscape architects are trained problem solvers who can take on a myriad of issues, codes, budgets, etc. and come up with solutions that meet the client’s needs. It is what we do as landscape architects. Now it is time to think more broadly on how we can take our problem solving skills to tackle the challenges ahead of us. It is time for landscape architects to lead and collaborate on today’s issues, both natural and cultural: climate change/resiliency, equity, future pandemics, homelessness, inclusivity, endangered species, habitat restoration, and much more. As the past election has shown us, we are a divided country. It is important that we are open to, and encourage, all voices who can offer insightful input, participation, and solutions to the issues facing us today. One way you can help is to join one of WASLA’s committees and volunteer some time to a project that is close to your heart.

Lastly, in November 2022, Seattle will be host to the ASLA National Conference. Mark your calendars!

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If you are interested or would like to learn more about the role, please reach out to the office via email at [email protected].

Thank You WASLA Sponsors

 To our amazing and loyal sponsors,

This year has been quite unique and challenging and we wanted to take a moment to thank you for your continued support. This pandemic has forced us to find new ways to serve our members and bring value and representation to the Landscape Architecture community in Washington State. The WASLA Board of Directors cannot thank you all enough for your flexibility, your steadfast support and willingness to step up with opportunities to keep WASLA moving forward. We have high hopes for 2021 and the future of our profession, and are excited to continue to develop our partnerships with you to better our communities.

Many Thanks,

WASLA Board of Directors

Current WASLA Job Postings

Job Title
Post Date

Remote Landscape Designer

Tilly 11/18/2020
Entry Level Landscape Architect Jones & Jones 11/12/2020
Senior Park Planner Snohomish County 11/10/2020
Landscape Architect J.A. Brennan Associates 11/10/2020
Landscape Architect/Landscape Designer Brumbaugh & Associates 11/9/2020
Landscape Architect/Project Manager Pacific Landscape Architecture  10/30/2020
Landscape Designer MacKay Sposito 10/23/2020
Landscape Architect(s)/Principal(s)  PLACE 10/16/2020
Site Designer / AutoCAD and Digital Graphic Document Development Position  Swift Company LLC 10/12/2020
Landscape Architect / Landscape Designer Robert W. Droll, Landscape Architect PS 10/12/2020

 Support Endowed Scholarships

Ken Struckmeyer Student Scholarship Endowment Fund

Kenichi Nakano Endowed Scholarship Fund for Landscape Architecture
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