Civic Park at Ten Trails

Project Title: Civic Park at Ten Trails
Landscape Architect: David Evans Associates, Inc.
Category: General Design - Private Ownership
Location: Black Diamond, WA
Civic Park is the heart of the new Ten Trails Master Planned Community (MPC) in Black Diamond, southeast of Seattle. This 1.2 acre park provides neighborhood connectivity via sidewalks and trails, and offers a range of amenities for all ages and abilities.  

The design team strived to meet the client’s commitment to building community by creating an inclusive and grand space for new and existing residents. The park’s design encourages social interaction by thoughtful placement of park structures, open spaces, and play areas along a wide arcing path. The park’s edges are visually open so that park activities are visible, inviting, safe and accessible.  

Our client envisioned a community centerpiece- an enlivened space that would draw in new residents and improve the Black Diamond community. The park design, arrangement of structures and elements, creative grading, natural hardscape materials, and quality plant material contributes to the Northwest regional aesthetic. 

Civic Park is inviting, activated, and versatile. It is a well-executed example of private development for public good.

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