DeYoung Park

Project Title: DeYoung Park
Landscape Architect: Site Workshop
Category: General Design - Public Ownership
Location: Woodinville, WA
The renovation of DeYoung Park creates a neighborhood oasis on a compact site surrounded by the commercial district in downtown Woodinville where public open space is limited. The design transformed a dark, overgrown, unused space that many people didn’t even realize was a park, into an open and inviting community amenity. Working to capture the spirit of a town known for wine tasting and agritourism, while protecting a grove of long-lived trees within the park, the team crafted a design concept around an urban backyard inspired by the lifecycle of trees. The focal point is a
“treehouse” that brings people into a canopy of Douglas firs and provides multi-level spaces to observe activity in the park and the city beyond. The treehouse sits above a central lawn that abuts “front porch” swings which playfully engage the sidewalk and invite the community to enter. Custom furnishings throughout the park incorporate salvaged wood that lend a hand-crafted ambiance to the design, and re-purpose existing resources. 

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