North Transfer Station

Project Title: North Transfer Station
Landscape Architect: HBB Landscape Architecture
Category: General Design, Public Ownership
Award: Award of Merit
Location: Seattle, WA

The open space improvements at the North Transfer Station illustrates how infrastructure can be leveraged to serve a community not just for its primary purpose but also in providing amenities that enrich the neighborhood. The North Transfer Station in the Wallingford neighborhood of Seattle was redesigned as an updated facility capable of handling increased waste, and recycling capacity. The project called for usable public open space as mitigation for the street vacation of Car Place North. The community-based design process involved 3 workshops and an open house targeted to a focus group of stakeholders and the public. The resulting design included natural and structured play areas, a multi-sport court, plazas, lawns, green roofs, and a meandering walkway. The permeable walkway is intertwined with a cobble swale that conveys stormwater from the green roof of the recycling building. Plazas are located at prominent corners of the site and include public sculpture at the main entry. Fitness stations and parkour elements were integrated throughout the open space. The project achieved multiple sustainability goals.

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