Redmond Downtown Park

Project Title:Redmond Downtown Park
Landscape Architect: PFS Studio
Category: General Design, Public Ownership
Award: Award of Merit
Location: Redmond, WA

The result of an international competition and master planning process (led by the applicant), the two acre Redmond Downtown Park has transformed a suburban confluence of busy roads and parking lots into an active and highly programmed heart of the densifying downtown core. Now the jewel of the city, Downtown Park has become a civic icon, a regional destination, and a major catalyst for economic growth. The park accommodates everyday local uses while also hosting a wide spectrum of cultural events, performances and digital art.

Inspired by the rolling saturated historic peat bog landscape and the digital culture of Redmond, the design reasserts hummocky and organic forms into the rectilinear ‘urban grid’ of the city. The park’s design offers a highly flexible array of spaces that are able to be used in multiple ways: a 546’ diameter Great Lawn ringed by a wooden boardwalk and lounging platform, a wet/dry plaza punctuated by a high tech sculptural pavilion and water feature, bermed ericaceous gardens, a dining bosque, and grand allees intersecting with underlit seatwalls. 

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