New World-Class ASLA Center For Landscape Architecture

The Board of Trustees is made up of one member (trustee) from each of the chapters and meets twice a year to conduct the business of the Society. Overall, the mood is very positive – firms across the country are growing and hiring and ASLA’s membership has grown. SITES is up and running and two major projects at the ASLA headquarters in Washington DC – the headquarters renovation and the Chinatown Green Streets project are moving forward.

While in Chicago recently, the Board of Trustees has approved final plans to transform the Society’s building into a world-class ASLA Center for Landscape Architecture According to ASLA:  “The new Center will dramatically enhance ASLA’s ability to be a convener among our membership, the community, allied professionals, and public officials. The design will give the Center a vibrant street presence. A state-of-the-art meeting, reception, and exhibition center on the first floor will provide an attractive and flexible venue for events, educational programs, and exhibitions”.

The Trustees approved a budget of $6.3 million. ASLA will raise a minimum of $1.5 million in cash donations. To date, ASLA has raised about 60% of the $1.5 million. The Washington Chapter donated $15,000 toward the project and the new wellness room in the Center will be named for our chapter. Download an informative

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