Are You a Hiring Professional?

Dear Friends and Colleagues,
Each year, the journal DesignIntelligence publishes an industry ranking of design schools around the country based on a survey sent to hiring professionals and firms, asking their opinions as to which schools best prepare students for the profession and what they look for in new grads.
The survey this year is due Friday, August 21. Please fill out the survey using the following link.

This is the only survey that creates the official design school rankingsDI is asking hiring professionals and firms in the design world to fill out this quick 25 question survey, asking their opinions as to which schools best prepare students for the profession and what they look for in new grads. DI validates every survey using strict criteria to be sure to capture true opinions of those respondents who meet their qualifications, thus giving them the best, unbiased rankings and responses possible. All results are anonymous.


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