Victor Stanley Invites You to Tour the Factory!

Victor Stanley
, our WASLA platinum level sponsor would like to fly you out to visit their factories and see the DC area and Annapolis Naval Academy.  Each year, Victor Stanley hosts groups of 10-12 people with guests flying in on Friday or Saturday, depending on the distance, and departing on the following Tuesday. Victor Stanley takes care of the airfare (purchasing the tickets) and the hotel rooms. They also cover all the meals and the only time that guests might need to pay for a meal would be the free night in Annapolis on Monday evening. They also try to put everyone on the same flight schedule to make it easier for transportation to and from the hotel, but if someone needs to leave earlier or has a schedule change, they do their best to accommodate everyone the best they can. 

The dates that are available for the tour are August 22nd-25th. If interested, please contact the WASLA Office by Tuesday, July 21st to reserve your spot!

*Victor Stanley Factory Tour Itinerary (PDF)


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