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The ASLA has an active and effective Federal Advocacy Program that needs your support.  The iAdvocate Network and a range of Advocacy Tools are available at and through the Government Affairs tab at  WASLA is working to provide local tools for advocacy use in Washington State.  Please join the network.   You will receive emails when action is needed, and it couldn’t be quicker and easier to use.  You will be linked directly to your Senators and Representatives and provided with draft messages that you can modify, edit, or send as is.

The biggest issue facing us nationally at this time is related to funding for multi-use transportation programs.  Transportation projects, including complete streets, green streets, bikeways, and trails are a major source of work for landscape architects.  Programs that have provided funding for many of the projects that landscape architects work on, including Transportation Enhancements, Safe Routes to Schools, and Recreational Trails, are now combined and redefined under the Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP).

Roxanne Blackwell, Esq., Director for ASLA Federal Government Affairs, recently sent out a message to members of the iAdvocate Network about possible attempts to eliminate or weaken the Transportation Alternatives Program from the proposed Transportation-HUD 2016 Appropriations. The message included the following:

“This week, the House of Representatives is expected to begin consideration of the Transportation-HUD Appropriations for FY 2016 bill, which would fund all federal transportation programs, and the Department of Housing and Urban Development programs.  I have heard that there may be some amendments to eliminate all funding for the Transportation Alternatives Program and/or to eliminate all funding for federal rights-of-way green infrastructure projects. Should we need to activate the iAdvocate Network to help defeat these possible amendments, we need you to be ready to act quickly and to encourage your chapter members, colleagues, and other interested advocates to respond.”

Please go to the ASLA website and join the iAdvocate Network so that in the future you will receive messages not only about transportation funding, but also about other federal programs that need our support.  The network may be utilized by ASLA members and by others who are interested in advocating for programs that landscape architects support.

If you are interested in becoming involved with creating and utilizing tools for use in local or state-wide advocacy, please let me know.  I welcome ideas and assistance!

Vaughn Rinner, FASLA
WASLA Advocacy Chair


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