September 18th: Design for Equity

#SDF2015 / How do you ‘Design for Equity’?

Equity (ˈek·wə·dē/) noun: the quality of being fair and impartial.

For one week in September, the 2015 Seattle Design Festival will explore equity issues across design disciplines. Make landscape architecture part of the discussion. Opportunities are available to give a talk, host an event, plan an activity, and more. Check out the SDF website for details, or reach out to Design in Public at [email protected]

#SDF2015 / BEcome a PARK(ing) Day Sponsor!

Your sponsorship provides direct help for community groups to create parks for PARK(ing) Day! Last year, WASLA members stepped up to sponsor PARK(ing) Day Seattle, allowing more than 50 community groups to engage in public space design by creating pop-up parks across the City! WASLA is working again with SDOT and SDF to build community support for this great event. To sponsor, contact Amber Raynsford at [email protected]. Save the date: PARK(ing) Day is Friday, 9/18!

Big thanks to the 2014 sponsors— Project Groundwork, GGLO, The Watershed Company, Swift Company, J.A. Brennan, Anchor QEA, SvR Design Company, and Gustafson Guthrie Nichol. Click here for photos of last year’s event.

Bring PARK(ing) Day to your town!

We are looking for individuals across Washington to advocate for PARK(ing) Day in your area! If you would like to bring this one-day celebration of public space to your town, contact Lucas Vannice, Public Relations & Outreach Committee Chair, at [email protected].


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