Presidents Message

David L Stipe, ASLA, LLA

This month’s newsletter covers a number of topics, initiatives and events that represent a broad swath of what your membership organization does throughout the year.  The subject matter discussed this month is a perfect example of what the active members in the chapter do to advance the notoriety and enhance the practice of our chosen profession, landscape architecture.  Public outreach and support, professional development and mentoring of emerging professionals are some of the most important things we can due to ensure a bright future for our chosen careers.  We can be more successful than we have in the past with an abundant and active membership that is passionate about the profession, its vigor and telling the world what we do.  As we transition into spring and we see the world around us emerge from the winter slumber, find inspiration in what you see and emerge as an advocate for our profession.  You may not realize that our organization has a number of ways for members to participate in advocacy, mentoring, community outreach and public relations without serving on the executive committee.  There are six active committees that members can join to be a part of advancing our profession:

Public Relations and Communications - The Public Relations and Communications Committee is responsible for delivering information about events, programs and relevant chapter information to chapter members and the general public. They along with Steph Stroud bring you the monthly newsletter.

Membership and Social Events – This is perhaps one of the more important of our committees because without members we are not a professional membership organization.  The Membership and Social Events Committee is responsible for maintaining and encouraging membership in the Washington Chapter of ASLA.  This group of individuals also plans activities including our quarterly happy hours. 

Advocacy – The Advocacy Committee is responsible for serving as an advocate for Washington State licensees in matters of professional licensing and practice, representing WASLA members in contacting state and local governmental entities through the Executive Committee and testifying in matters that potentially affect the practice of landscape architecture in Washington.

Student and Emerging Professional - SEP is dedicated to improving student achievement in landscape architectural studies and providing new professionals with resources and networking opportunities.  This committee also organizes student juries and coordinates the student mentor program.

Professional Development – The Professional Development Committee is dedicated to actively supporting professionals through continuing education and collaborating with other WASLA committees to strengthen the profession through developing educational resources.

Fellowship and Scholarship – The Fellowship and Scholarship Committee (FSC) is responsible for developing young professionals and for the recognition of established professionals at the pinnacle of their careers.  FSC awards scholarships each year to deserving Washington State landscape architecture students.  This committee also prepares a slate of nominees for the Council of Fellows for nomination by the Executive Committee.  

For more information on these committees or the Executive Committee please visit the website at or contact me at [email protected].  Vibrant active membership through committee service is the key to enhancing and expanding our profession.  I hope you enjoy reading about some of the things we do in this month’s newsletter. 


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